Laser Rejuvenation Services

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: Vaginal atrophy is a condition associated with menopause, when changes in the hormonal environment can leave the vaginal walls thinned and dry. This condition can interfere with sexual function making intercourse more painful and less enjoyable, and can often interfere with urinary function as well. This is a common problem affecting between 25 and 40% of women from middle age on. At Natural Restoration Centers of America we use the latest technology to combat these changes. A state of the art, specially designed laser for intravaginal use is employed to stimulate collagen production within the vaginal wall, restoring the lining to a more youthful time without the use of estrogen. This is of particular importance for women that can’t use hormone replacement such as estrogen due to a history of breast cancer, stroke, or heart disease. The laser rejuvination consists of three very quick, painless sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. There are options available to further enhance the response of the vaginal lining to the laser, or consider a complete “below the belt” makeover with the V-Boost!

O-Boost: G-spot enhancement has been well described as a potential treatment option to enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity. The typical treatment involves building up or bulking the controversial G-spot region. At Natural Restoration Centers of America we enhance the procedure by providing special factors designed to improve and restore intimate sensitivity. It should be noted that this offering serves best our female clients that would typically experience an orgasm or climax that is more vaginally based as compared to one that is centered in the clitoris. Women who enjoy an orgasm more from clitoral stimulation should consider a “Clitoral Boost”.

Clitoral Enhancement: Structurally the clitoris is similar to the male phallus or penis. We capitalize on this anatomic fact and apply the same treatment that we use to rejuvenate, restore and improve male erectile function to enhance clitoral blood flow and sensitivity during arousal. Our treatment consists of a cutting edge combination of treatments that lead to the development of new blood vessels that can help maintain the health of the clitoral tissue and its very sensitive nerve endings.

Vaginal Toning: A treatment designed to naturally stimulate collagen production toning and tightening the vaginal opening.

V-Boost: A complete “below the belt makeover” that includes laser vaginal rejuvenation, clitoral body restoration, O-Boost enhancement, and a collagen stimulating treatment of vaginal opening to tone and tighten.